Pranvi Enterprises

About Us

In this day and age, the ceramic industry is prospering at the speed of light. The major driving force here is evolution and progress in the technological and innovation front and an interesting thing to note here is, India is not lacking behind in this regard.It is the 3rd largest consumer for ceramic tiles in the world. Pranvi Enterprises is finest supplier & exporter of Wall &Floor tiles, Vitrified tiles and Sanitary ware products. An entity founded in 2012, has flourished its way to rapid success, crowned to be India’s finest exporter in the ceramics industry. Pranvi Enterprises has been FIEO registered & Government Recognized Star House Export.

Our major strengths include our in-house R&D department that allows us to come up with innovative and reliable solutions These parameters have helped us to gain massive growth rate since, in the year 2012, we had commenced with the exporting & supplying capacity of 2 million sq. Mtr., which has reached to 20 million Per year, along with exclusive Sanitary-Ware supply with a total production capacity of 15,000 pieces per year. All in all, with an extensive range of high gloss glazed Vitrified tiles. Glazed Vitrified tiles, Glazed outdoor Vitrified tiles, Full Body Vitrified Tiles, Double Charge Vitrified tiles, Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles and exclusive Sanitary-Ware collection, we are en-route to fulfilling your own dream.